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Management Team

A Company is only as good as its talent. This cannot be truer when it comes to retail. The customer’s interaction with a sales person will largely influence their purchasedecision, and if they do make a purchase, the number of pieces and invoice value could largely be affected by having a well trained and professional sales force.

Moreover, logistics, purchasing, and marketing are vital service departments for the operational staff in order to provide them with the right product at the right time, and provide awareness & interest by customers, as such, it is equally important to have a strong back of the house team to ensure a smooth operation.

Attracting good talent in the GCC has become more & more challenging. Increased government regulations, security risks, and cultural difference all affect our ability to attract qualified personal from abroad. As such it has become important to develop the skills of a company’s team in house, by spending on training, and creating coaching programs and incentive programs.

On the other hand, the economic crisis in Europe has driven talent outside the continent as highly qualified employees seek to better their income and career. As such, this is a good time to attract talent from Europe, which is where the world looks when it comes to fashion.


Organization / Structure

As any company grows, it is important that the structure of the company and the internal communication adjust to its size. Many retailers start on the right track; however, as they expand, they tend to delay adding overhead expenses until it is absolutely necessary. The danger in doing that is that shops might end up understaffed, or the employees become unsatisfied with their jobs. Moreover, as shipments increase, the warehouse & logistics department need to cope with the additional volumes. The wrong buying and being out of touch with the customer’s needs and wants is the most common mistake retailers do. Most retailers start as a mom & pop style businesses, in that the owners tend to do the buying. This is not an issue when you operate 1-3 shops/brands; however, when your brand portfolio increases, qualified buyers and brand managers must take over the role of the owners. Moreover, in order to ensure a fluid work flow, and in order to cut on employee overhead expenses in the long run, investing in a good ERP system is crucial. This ensures that the work flow set by the management is being followed by every department.

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